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Victoria LibbyWed, Mar 31, 9:05 PM
Hello USM Community! We hope entering the home stretch of this semester is going as smoothly as it can for you. If you are struggling with your mental health and would like to set up individual

Hello USM Community!

We hope entering the home stretch of this semester is going as smoothly as it can for you. If you are struggling with your mental health and would like to set up individual counseling please call our front desk at (207) 780-4050.

Keep in mind we still have some groups and workshops that are open to new members! If you are interested in joining one of our Support Groups or Workshops please email the leader listed below the group.



Remember our workshops are FREE to all enrolled students 


Coping with Quarantine

A supportive, activity-based, weekly group for any USM student currently in (or starting) COVID19-related isolation/quarantine protocol. Connect with others, share struggles and successes, and reduce the isolation, stress, and boredom of University isolation/quarantine protocol. This group is open to USM students both on-campus and off-campus.

Wednesdays 12-1pm via Zoom starting March 3rd, 2021For more information or questions, contact: Colm Daly or Tessa Smith

Graduate Student Support Group

This is a semi-structured, weekly support group for current USM graduate students. The focus of the group is to help members navigate and succeed in their journey through graduate school. While topics will vary and be chosen by group members at each meeting, processing the adjustment(s) of being a graduate student, effectively managing stress, and maintaining self-care and healthy relationships will all be important parts of the group’s focus.

Thursdays at noon For more information, please email


Mastering Mindfulness

A structured weekly group workshop with guided mindfulness exercises. This group will help assist you in practicing mindfulness throughout the semester. Each session will include guided mindfulness activities, weekly inspirational quotes and chances to check in and debrief on your practice.

Tuesdays 3-4pm till April 27th.  E-mail Anna for more information or to sign up for this group at:


Stress Management Workshop

Learn healthy ways to identify & manage stress to enhance your student experience in college.


Tuesdays 3-4 pm! Email Keith for more info and to sign up.


Ongoing Grief and Loss Group

The Grief and Loss group focuses on helping members understand and move forward in the grief process, facilitate the expression of thoughts and feelings, and help members identify and utilize healthy coping strategies.


Wednesdays from 4:30p-5:30p.  Interested: contact Liza Little, Psy.D. at


 Mental Health Tip: Reclaiming Time

Sit down with a pen and paper and quickly create a line for each hour you were awake yesterday. Then jot down the activities you engaged in for each of these hours.

What are you struck by when you look at your day in this way? How was it spent?  Is there anything that surprises you? What parts of the day would you rather have go differently?

What would it take to help yourself reclaim that time for something you wish you were spending more time doing? Often people’s use of their phone eats away at their time. Examples of how you could troubleshoot this are putting a reminder in your phone to put your phone away during a specific time or disabling your social media during that time so you can be more present for your chosen activity. Here are some links to apps that can help you do this


Why is this important?

There is a common joke these days of “who knows what day it is anyway?”. This is due to no longer having clear boundaries between different aspects of our lives. We are now spending less time recharging because it’s not built into our day in the same way it used to be. We have to be more intentional now about creating boundaries for ourselves around work, school and social life. Often the activities that refuel us get pushed to the side (ex: speaking with family and/or friends, exercising).  Not only is that unfortunate for our level of enjoyment, it also impacts our mental health. Hopefully you can use this activity to reclaim time for whatever will refuel you.


Take a look at our previous mental health tips  here: 


You’ll be hearing from us again soon. Till then, warm wishes!


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